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"The immediacy and power of music can create a revolution in the twinkling of an eye, in a brilliant moment in the heart and mind.”

Terry W. Williams

Maestro Josep Pons before the premiere of the Symphonic Suite of La Tribuna

Personal interview

June 5, 2019

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"... the voice must be allowed to sing, I think ...

[Gabriel Bussi] ... has a style that does not move away from tonal music, but including the knowledge he has of everything that happened afterwards. Therefore there are extensions of huge character.

He is a great orchestrator, the orchestra sounds really good ...

I think ... the premiere of this Suite will be an instant success."

"Contemporaneity, romanticism, and enchantment..." –

April 4, 2022

by Verónica García Prior

"It was outstanding to see the composer of the Suite acting as violinist among the musicians of the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra and premiering his own composition.

The music of the composer G. Bussi is universal, very singable, understandable and easy to reach the public. Perhaps that ease of connecting and being able to reach everyone is due to the different continents where he has lived and been trained, thus broadening his humanistic and musical horizon. Bussi offers a very human music, transcending space and time."

20190605-130228 copy.JPG
"Doña Emilia on the tribune"

La Opinión –

A Coruña

January 13, 2018

by Julio Andrade Malde


"... It's not a minor accomplishment by ... Gabriel Bussi, creator of a music that promises to capture the listener through its undeniable beauty and true lyricism.  Now ... it only remains to get it premiered in its entirety, through support of all Galician institutions. It would be ideal to have it promoted by our local opera festival, which would be honored to host its world premiere..."

Maestro Rumon Gamba on the premiere of the Symphonic Suite of La Tribuna

Personal message

July 22, 2019



"... a really wonderful Suite!

I very much enjoyed the melodic and harmonic language and also the variety of music presented on the suite - beautiful, exciting, elegant, passionate! (and extremely well orchestrated!)

It is clear this was a huge success, very well deserved.  Surely the opera comes soon..."

"The tribune sounds"

La Opinión –

A Coruña


por Julio Andrade Malde


"... On this occasion we heard a symphonic suite from the opera.


Bussi used a rich instrumentation, which – adding the fact that the composer stays true to the heritage of romanticism – helps the public embrace the composition happily, because you can listen to it without difficulties. The author was heavily applauded. Brilliant reading of the orchestra, well conducted by Pons..."

Maestro Jose María Moreno on the premiere of the Symphonic Suite of La Tribuna

Personal message

August 28, 2019


"... I loved the Suite - congratulations! It's fantastic music, really fascinating.

Hopefully it can soon continue sounding ... to the delight of public and musicians ... "

"Brilliant Josep Pons and J. Colom with an international symphonic program"

June 10, 2019



Pablo Sánchez Quinteiro

"... The symphonic suite of La Tribuna ... Written for large orchestra, it was very welcomed by the musicians...

It is a music that is not only far off the contemporary music proceedings, but which decidedly applies aesthetics of the 19th century , difficult to fit into modern music programming...

Bussi's work certainly proved to have the necessary craftmanship and inspiration to justify it being performed and listened to, and even heavily applauded, as the public in fact did..."

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